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underwater photograph of starfish


The passion Rob Fort has for producing art also extends to capturing images with a camera. Having an eye for good images as well as being in the right place at the right time are key to getting the results and often what makes a really good photo.

Rob's love for the marine and natural environments equates to many hours spent exploring them while diving and from a boat or kayak. As a result he captures images both above and below the surface.

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underwater photograph of makerel

underwater photograph
photo of a pair of spanish lobsters
stunning sunrise in Kaikoura photo
underwater photograph of trevally
underwater photograph of large jellyfish
Photograph of three dolphins during a mating courtship
photograph of hot coloured sunrise

photo of The Rainbow Warrior memorial
New Zealand rock lobster photo
underwater photograph of snapper
wave photo at New Chum beach in Coromandel
kayak fishing photo during sunset in Coromandel
Along the southern Wellington coastline photo
Photo of rock and water scenery
photograph of new zealand heron

underwater scenery photograph
storm wave at Whangapoua beach
underwater photograph of jellyfish and small fishes
underwater photograph of snapper
Stunning sunrise photo taken in Kaikoura New Zealand
underwater photograph of over 20lb snapper
waterfall photograph

Photo of devils gate in Wellington
underwater photograph of scenery
underwater photograph of porae fish species
wicked sunset photo
photo of 20lb blue moki at Chatham Island