art, video and adventure


The company was established in early 2010 by Rob Fort and Janet Hall with an objective to incorporate the existing art production business of Art Xtreme founded in 2002 and NZ Kayak Fishing to produce kayak fishing/marine wildlife video clips and DVD's.

ROB FORT - self taught  artist who started painting from the age of ten years old, using water colours. His passion for art has influenced him in career choice. After leaving school he went on to become a sign writer and mural artist. This lead to starting his own business in the mid 1980's 'CUSTOM ART that specialized in sign writing and airbrushing. Some five years later in the early 1990's opportunities to further his career meant a move to Auckland. He spent a few years doing freelance and contracting to a number of sign writing businesses then formed STUDIO ORIGINALS. The Blockhouse Bay based business soon out grew the small shop/workshop and a second branch was started two years later in Henderson Valley Road out West Auckland. The business developed into a thriving sign and art shop servicing corporate companies and car/motorcycle enthusiasts with its custom painting. The business was sold in 2000 which took Rob to Great Barrier Island where he further developed his art. Two years later he settled in Coromandel Town where he still resides to this day.

Since starting down the artistic path Rob's skills have expanded further, encompassing  airbrushing, oil painting, sculpture and more. Over the years,  after much experimenting with many different forms of technique/media and subject matter, Rob has developed his own style using all the knowledge obtained in life and art. His various types of artwork's have received  much recognition with numerous awards. Rob also has a huge love for the oceans and rivers including the creatures living within them.

'I spend all my spare time on or in  the marine environment around New Zealand, kayaking, fishing, free diving and filming. We are very lucky in New Zealand to have such  amazing coastal waters right on our   doorstep. My artistic depictions  of nature are windows in time, that are channeled through painting and sculpture. These works of art are celebrations of the marine and  natural environments within New Zealand and the world' all the best Rob Fort

ART XTREME - In 2002 the art gallery based in Rings road Coromandel Town was opened and was a platform for the artworks of Rob Fort. It proved popular with visitors to the region and locals a like with many persons either purchasing an existing piece of art from the gallery walls or commissioning a personal work of their choosing. Gallery moved in 2005 to a new location at Te Kouma where Rob resided for a few years before finally settling at Tiki Road, Coromandel Town where it still resides to this day.

NZ KAYAK FISHING - Shooting video footage from a kayak when going solo can offer plenty  of challenges to Pro kayak angler Rob Fort. Various cameras are deployed  and require setting up to allow for ease of use while operating the  kayak.  Rob also acts as the main cameraman in most of the video clips  but also uses others at times when available. The underwater footage is captured by Rob while  free diving on a single breath of air adds further dimension to the viewing experience. Current projects include producing a series of New Zealand Kayak Fishing DVD's with the first released in November 2012 and plans already under way for a second.

Camera Setup - We  use the GoPro  HD cameras mounted on three custom made extendable booms capturing  everything above the waters surface to the sides and in front of Rob while in the kayak. This includes a Cannon HD video camera contained in a specially designed housing that allows for a wireless mic setup. This enables all the action to be captured including crystal clear sound putting the viewer right in the kayaks  cockpit  area. On top of the above cameras is a custom made folding camera boom that extends over the side and below the waters surface to capture underwater footage. Rob also carries a HD video camera that is used to film other kayak anglers and other activities happening while out on the water.